Thursday, November 6, 2014

Featured Artist of the Week - LIVING DEAD GIRL NICOLE

Okay, so here it is, only 3 weeks into our series, "Featured Live Music Artist Of The Week", and we are already changing the rules.  But that's okay, what's the new buzzword in industry these days?  "be agile".

We are going to feature a VISUAL Artist this week - Living Dead Girl Nicole.

A couple of years ago, Cabin 7 Promotions stumbled across this Chicagoland artist quite by accident.  After meeting the band Axe Man's Bridge, and working with them on setting up a gig, they mentioned that their promoter also did their promotional artwork, and could also do some for the gig.  I then found out she is also the creative force behind their second-to-none merch table!  After that it was only natural to visit her webpage Artwork by Living Dead Girl Nicole (which she also happened to design).

Turns out this merch/promotional work for AMB is just a mere subset of Living Dead Girl Nicole's works.

Talk about a WIDE VARIETY of works and styles and genres!!!  Here is just a sampling of styles: barrettes (yes barrettes), pins, clothing accessories, masks, props, live makeup work, pencil, charcoals, pastels, desktop publishing, promotional posters, acrylics, photography (she never leaves home without the camera), jack-o-lanterns, even ornaments and all sorts of miscellany, and of course, the Axe Man's Bridge merchandise.

But not just a wide variety of mediums and merchandise - but a wide spectrum of styles and genres as well!!  As you probably surmised from her name, Living Dead Girl Nicole, there is  going to be a touch of the macabre/zombie/horror/graphic novel style in her work.  And that is definitely the theme of the vast majority of LDG Nicole's works - and it is awesomely haunting!!  However, this is not her only style, it also includes captivating photography, "cute/fun/safe-for-kids" Halloween/macabre items, and other styles as well.

I never like labeling bands, and I don't like labeling artists either, but I think I have a good label for Living Dead Girl Nicole's gallery of works - "multi-faceted with an emphasis on the macabre".  I think I just created a new label - I hate labels anyhow.

All of this artwork falls into many cleverly named subcategories under the "Creations" tab on the webpage.  The webpage also includes LDG Nicole's blog, her bio and contact information, Axe Man's Bridge merch (and I think I saw some Expired Empire there as well), and, an online store.  So, not only can you browse the gallery - you can own a Living Dead Girl Nicole original work!!!

Check out the webpage, there is an inherent energy in her works, the style is captivating and interesting, very detailed and engrossing and even macabre and spooky and mysterious.  In addition to the sheer creativity and artistry - it's all quality work as well.  It would be cool to one day see a Haunted House designed by Living Dead Girl Nicole, complete with her self-designed props and a "Night Gallery" room of her works.  (with some Axe Man's Bridge music as the backdrop of course)

I'm far from an art critic, as you can tell by the fact I used no technical art terms in this article - and probably used some terms quite incorrectly - but I know good art when I see it - and I see it here!


  1. Wow! Wow! and Wow! Thank you so much for the review on my work and the awesome feedback! You rock!

  2. Quite welcome - I hope I represented your work/vision properly. You create some really awesome stuff!